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My name is Andy Owen.   I was born a long time ago.


Been to many, many places.  Seen many things.  Done many things, too.


Had fun…


Enjoyed incredible highs and experienced desperate lows.


But, maybe I have handled both reasonably well, as I am still here, everything at the moment seems to be working OK – and there’s loads of positive and vibrant blood flowing through my veins.


I love the power of words.  Always have.  It started early. I was consistently top of my class at school, for ‘Composition’, as writing was called in those days.


Where I got that love of words from, I have no idea. Not from Mom or Dad, nor, as far as I can make out, from Grandparents or Great Grandparents going back.


I ended up writing copy for a living. But commercial copy, not literary copy. I still write copy for clients  – and probably always will.  I won’t bore you with that, on this personal website.


You can find the full story here:


This new personal site gives me the opportunity to tell some stories and share some tales and inspirations that people might enjoy.


I hope you find pleasure in my humble home.  If you do, please let me know…



Andy Owen on Fal river.
Going up the Fal River from Mylor
On a Pillbox at Porthoustock Beach 2021
My first real taste of Cornwall
Andy Owen on Ringo's drum kit.
Enjoying Ringo's Ludwig drum kit at Abbey Road in the 70's.




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