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Going up the Fal River from Mylor


My name is Andy Owen.   I was born a long time ago.


Been to many, many places.  Seen many things.  Done many things, too.


Had fun…


Enjoyed incredible highs and experienced desperate lows.


But, maybe I have handled both reasonably well, as I am still here, everything at the moment seems to be working OK – and there’s loads of positive and vibrant blood flowing through my veins.


I love the power of words.  Always have.  It started early. I was consistently top of my class at school, for ‘Composition’, as writing was called in those days.


Where I got that love of words from, I have no idea. Not from Mom or Dad, nor, as far as I can make out, from Grandparents or Great Grandparents going back.


I ended up writing copy for a living. But commercial copy, not literary copy. I still write copy for clients  – and probably always will.


I won’t bore you with that, on this personal website. You can find the full story here:


This new personal site gives me the opportunity to tell some stories, share some tales and present inspiring moments that I think people might enjoy.

White coat.
The much-discussed white leather coat, made for me in Turkey
Young Andy owen.
My first real taste of Cornwall
Andy Owen on Ringo's drum kit.
Enjoying Ringo's Ludwig drum kit at Abbey Road in the 70's.


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