“And, in the end…

…the love you take, is equal to the love you make”

The last 15 words the boys shared with us, written and delivered by Paul on Abbey Road .


A truly fitting epitaph to the greatest and most influential band the world has ever, or will ever, see.

Stratford Boats 2017.

I thought I would add this section to the site, as it will give me a chance to share comments and observations on various topics – as they arise – or as I stumble on them. 


Both old and new…


But, be assured that, as life is too short, politics and religion will be given the short shrift they deserve.


You will not find either of those imposters here.

“We old hippies wear our hair long, because we were part of something that meant more to us than ego and income“.  


A quote from Robert Plant, to help those who weren’t there, understand why the music of the 60’s will always be so powerful.




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