The articles on these initial pages are classified into three of my main areas of interest – Music, WW2 and Tales & Yarns.  Some of the pieces go back years – and I will be covering a range of topics, for interesting reading.  Just click on any one of the images below, to take you to the relevant section.  Alternatively, use the drop-down menu from the top toolbar.  I will be continually adding new articles regularly, so if you would like to be personally notified of new content, please subscribe to the site, using this link….
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World War Two
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Music & Related
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Tales & Yarns

I’m not sure how I got interested in WW2.  Perhaps it was those tremendous black and white movies in the 60’s, that lit the blue touch paper.


Whatever it was, I was hooked early and that was it. I’m a real enthusiast now, been on many WW2 tours – and have a massive collection of books, videos and documentaries on all aspects of this astonishing period of history.


How I got into music, is considerably clearer.  Four guys from Liverpool changed my life, as they did to so many in ’63 and later.   They opened the door and I charged right through.


I saw the boys twice, ended up playing in a band and having the time of my life. I love my music.  Still buy loads.  Yes, buy.  Not stream or download.  I like to touch my music.  It’s part of who I am…




I love a tale and a yarn.  There’s real magic in both of them – and I have always been attracted,  ever since I was a young boy.  And now being down here in Cornwall, I have so many interesting new ones to investigate.


I find it fascinating to stumble on to something, then have a chance to fully research it, bring it to life and share it with others.  It’s so much fun.




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